Fine Dining in SF: 5 Places to Celebrate Now

Published May 8, 2024, in my Medium column:

Debates on fine dining aside (more here on fine dining in the U.S. now), the art form of the best upscale restaurants is a craft I pray never dies. Elevated service, design and drink pairings add even more levels of art. These five restaurants thrill year after year, with Michelin stars and accolades to confirm it, though all were great pre-awards. Each offers warm, never stuffy, service and food that is delectable, not merely beautiful or innovative.


Reviewed in this article:
So Brilliant, This 2 Michelin Should Be 3: Lazy Bear
Still Shining in Its New Era: Saison
Back to its Original Format but Refreshed: Lord Stanley 2.0
Seafood & Drink Glories Like No Other: Aphotic
Asian Art Museum-Inspired: Gilda’s Salon Dinners at the Proper Hotel

Lazy Bear’s “seafood preserves” course
Aphotic’s uni crullers for dessert