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Sichuan/Szechuan on the Table

In addition to my regular dining column in Bob Cut magazine (details and my philosophy here; last month’s column here)… In late 2020, my article, The Taste of Home: Sichuan on the Table, was published in print, with PDF below. RUYI Gastronomy dinner from my travels in Chengdu, China, studying Sichuan cuisine — here, a peppercorn and ingredients display; more on my China travels below:… Read more →

Travels in Chengdu, China: Why Sichuan Cuisine Is Widely Misunderstood

When you hear the word Szechuan (aka Sichuan), most think of mind-numbing heat and red chile oil. While both are certainly a staple, what many consider China’s most complex cuisine —and therefore one of the most complicated in the world— Sichuan merely begins at spicy. This is a cuisine where key flavors start at 24. Yes, there are at least… Read more →

Travel Around the World in One City: An SF Food Crawl Exploring Rare Cuisines

Nari’s miang appetizer My feature article on 10 San Francisco restaurants serving rare international cuisines, from Nigerian to Sri Lankan. Online here and print article below: — Thailand: Nari— Morocco: Mourad— Nigeria: Eko Kitchen— India: Indian Paradox— Iraq: Jannah— Scandinavia: Plaj— Singapore: Local Kitchen— Sri Lanka: 1601 Bar & Kitchen— Germany: Suppenkuche— China (Szechuan): Chile House Read more →