The New Magnolia Dogpatch

In my latest Time Out column, covering the opening of the new Magnolia.

Dave McLean is a beer pioneer and SF trailblazer, from launching Magnolia Brewing Company in the Haight-Ashbury in 1997 to his trendsetting work with Admiral Maltings in Alameda, SF Beer Week and Beer Lands at Outside Lands (our interview with him last year here). So it is not without grateful nostalgia that we watch him pass the reins of both his restaurant brewery locations in Upper Haight and Dogpatch to New Belgium Brewing Company with Belgian brewer Oud Beersel, specifically Dick Cantwell (co-owner/president/director of brewing operations, founder of Elysian Brewing in Seattle), Kim Jordan (executive chair/co-founder of New Belgium Brewing Company) and Brian Reccow (CEO).

Talking food and drink at the revamped Dogpatch and Haight brewpubs/restaurants here.

Magnolia Dogpatch

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Magnolia Dogpatch Clams “Cioppino”

Magnolia Dogpatch beer “garden” in the brewery area

Magnolia Dogpatch wallpaper