My New Orleans Drink Guide


I helped write a number of guides for Google Area 120’s new Touringbird guides with insider tips on cities around the world (more on Touringbird here).

Of course, my tips are heavy on dining, food, bars and drink, with just 15 of my New Orleans recommends here (over a decade’s worth of my Nola recommends from hundreds of food and drink spots visited here).

On the drink side, I recommend live music at the often less-crowded Frenchmen Street spot, Bamboula’s, coffee and ice cream at Drip Affogato, wine & spirits shop Spirit Wine, and cocktails at Revel Cafe & Bar, Loa Bar, Seaworthy, Meauxbar, Saffron NOLA, Longway Tavern, Bywater American Bistro and Manolito.

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Revel Cafe & Bar — Ramos Gin Fizzes from the master, Chris McMillian


Drip Affogato Bar


Manolito’s Menta Daiquiri