February 1, 2020

“Can you describe someone’s looks without picturing the way they move, the sound of their voice, or their personality? If you break it down into parts, just the physical attributes —brown hair, brown eyes, round face, short, fat, pigeon-toed— is that really how they look, or is it just shorthand for your much more nuanced and complex way of identifying them? Like skimming the title page and chapter names without reading the book.” — Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair

Swan Oyster Depot Crabsanthemum
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A blessed stretch home ends for a bit as I head to cold Vancouver this week, then back home to judge international craft spirits for ADI’s Judging of Craft Spirits (my 3rd year as a lead judge and 9th year judging), followed by two more short trips. Back into airport mode!

I so enjoyed updating my interview at The Local Tongue, which interviews many of the world’s best chefs and food writers. In this interview, I talk about under-the-radar favorites in my home city, San Francisco’s pioneering and exceptional place in the bread and baking world and about the best pizza in the world (which I’ve been saying for 10 years, much to the disbelief of New Yorkers I grew up in my Jersey years — my interview was soon followed by a New Yorker writing for Forbes saying exactly that!)

The Liquor Rooms, Dublin

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