March 23, 2020

“We look for release, for relief, for contact, for creativity: these are inner states. Therefore real change is inner change. If we want to range in new territory, we have to alter our relationship to ‘home,’  we have to be able to question, and not invent answers, but listen for answers, listen like Columbus on the deep sea for the new way [realizing the negative aspects of a Columbus reference — this was written in the 1960s]. To be willing to be at sea. To be able to be seasick. You have to believe in the waves and the currents and the shores, you have to believe in law. Artists do not make the laws of revelation, they acknowledge them and work in league with them. ”
The Crossing Point by M.C. Richards

Chuy’s Fiestas

Friends ~ The world has changed since you last heard from me. Though in free fall for a couple months, it’s full steam now as we are staying inside and away from people. Much can and needs to be said — and I’ve been daily tracking food/drink news on my social media outlets (links below). But I’ll share my articles on the state of things instead, including the state of the bar industry state here — and restaurants next week. Food safety links and guides in both my delivery articles this issue (hint: it’s one of your safest options in an unsafe time).

For industry, there are many resources floating around. I’m part of multiple industry groups that have sprung up overnight to try and disseminate the flood of info for millions in the hospitality industry out of work overnight. A couple sites listing many resources include James Beard Foundation and Craft Table’s emergency aid list. My friend Eric Grenier of Jack Daniels is compiling this continuously updated list of US bars with individual Go Fund Me pages to get them through this brutal time.

Restaurants & bars, please take World’s 50 Best’s survey as we need YOUR input as they prioritize ways to fight to keep the industry moving in this time of unprecedented and unique need.

At a recent Stockhome/Plaj aquavit dinner at Whisper Sisters in Petaluma


As with so much these days (especially in work like mine where we have long lead times), this was completed pre-pandemic, but cheers to Hanna Lee Communications for including me in a group of truly “Inspiring Women,” friends & colleagues in my industry, as we talk about our work ethos.

Rebuilding will take many years to come — and much will be permanently lost along the way, so grieving is crucial. But we are in this together.

ImbiberThe State of the Bar World is Dire: As donations and aid changes daily, info is quickly out of date, but hearing from some of our best bar owners and managers early this week, the precarious state of our beloved bar world is real… and global.
Top TastesBay Area, It’s Time to Get Takeout/Delivery: 10 of our best in every food category from Burmese to bagels.
Top TastesThe Best Tacos in San Francisco That Aren’t La Taqueria: Updated with current takeout/delivery options.
ImbiberChasing the Funk: R(h)um lovers, drink Haitian Clairin.

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