Turntable at Lord Stanley: A Rotating Showcase for Top Global Chefs

Micaela Najmanovich’s mushroom dish

Published October 1, 2021, in my The Bold Italic column (my additional Bold Italic articles and weekly restaurant reviews here), my review of Michelin-starred Lord Stanley’s reinvention as Turntable at Lord Stanley, showcasing award-winning and up-and-coming global chefs. In this initial fall run of Argentinean chefs, most of them are female, all making waves in South America.

Article here: https://thebolditalic.com/sfs-turntable-at-lord-stanley-is-a-rotating-showcase-for-many-top-female-chefs-d68267ec93e3

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Turntable at Lord Stanley with Micaela Najmanovich of Anafe: scallop crudo
Turntable at Lord Stanley with Micaela Najmanovich of Anafe: lamb sweetbreads and rice
Turntable at Lord Stanley’s Den Sake cocktail