Honolulu Guide 2022, Part 1: Coffee, Bites, Bakeries & Bars with Good Food

My photo as latte art at Local Joe Coffee Roasters

Published June 12, 2022, in my The Bold Italic column:

On the food front, Hawaii is about Hawaiian food, a unique mashup of cultures — namely Japanese, Chinese, Korean,Filipino, Puerto Rican and Portuguese. Like Cajun or Creole cuisines in New Orleans, Hawaiian food is one of the U.S.’ greatest culinary gifts: a truly unique cuisine that exceeds the sum of its parts in its own, laid back, “aloha spirit” way.

In the upcoming part two, we’ll dig into ten standout Honolulu restaurants, both traditional and forward-thinking — and a historic, off-the-beaten-path hotel worth retreating at. Here in part one, I share some of Honolulu’s best coffee, bites, bakeries and bars that also serve great food (more on Honolulu’s top cocktail bars here).

Article here: https://medium.com/@virginiamiller_29308/honolulu-guide-2022-part-1-coffee-bites-bakeries-bars-with-good-food-3d4aac3d664a

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery
Daily Whisk Matcha
Holey Grail Donuts