SF’s Korean Wave Continues as Michelin-starred SSAL Matures

Chef Junsoo Bae shows us beltfish

Published November 3, 2023, in my Medium column:

Their swoon-worthy fried chicken and uni boxes were a lifeline in pandemic, and their pivot since reopening to modern Korean tasting menu format has swiftly earned them a Michelin star in December 2022. But what is the reinvented SSAL like in its remodeled, more refined, soothing space? First off, it’s more fine dining, though still relaxed and intimate, a restaurant that would easily fit in with the Michelin-starred restaurants I dined at recently in Seoul, S. Korea.

ARTICLE HERE: https://thebolditalic.com/michelin-starred-korean-cuisine-on-polk-street-gets-a-facelift-ab6f1f0f92f3

SSAL caviar and uni course
SSAL mignardises and fruit