10 Top Restaurants in Santa Fe

Old town Santa Fe

Published in Time Out national, on August 7, I head to Santa Fe for my list of 10 top spots to eat, new and old.

Kakawa Chocolate

New Mexico’s famed artist haven is also the oldest capital in the US, founded by Spanish colonists in 1610. Sante Fe (meaning “holy faith”) is a desert mountain town with an oh-so-high elevation of 7,199 feet (2,194 m). Rich in the arts and made famous by the great Georgia O’Keeffe, the city is also known for its traditional New Mexican/Southwestern food, a unique mash-up of hearty rancher fare, Mexican and Native American cuisines with NM’s ever-so-important contribution of the red and green chile (dubbed “Christmas” when you order a combo of the two). The dining scene is small but thankfully heavy on locally sourced ingredients and farmers.

Here are 10 of our top food picks when in the city nicknamed “The City Different”:



Jambo Café

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Kakawa Chocolate House

Paper Dosa

Radish & Rye

Chili Line Brewing & Pizzeria Da Lino

The Pantry

Dr. Field Goods

Sazón mole platter