July 15, 2017

“My wish, indeed my continuing passion, would be not to point the finger in judgment but to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other’s presence, each other’s wonder, each other’s human plight.” — One Time, One Place by Eudora Welty

Hank’s Hamburgers Okie Dokie burger

Traveling from Louisville to the down home welcome of Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, for a stunning Chihuly art exhibit; then on to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for red and green chile and a spiritual retreat… the summer so far has been good.

Stay tuned for the first print issue of Time Out magazine in SF next week (the food and drink sections written by yours truly)…

Lately at Liquor.com, I feature the top national cocktails of the month, 11 digestif/post-dinner bottles for those who don’t like it sweet, an Oklahoma City roadhouse-style bar that nails the best of “high-low” and what Italian hospitality and artful cocktails are all about, thanks to two Bay Area transplants from Italy.

This issue:

Late June, I was among the first to see the stunning Chihuly blown glass exhibits weaving through the charming grounds of Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, KY, before it was unveiled to the public this month

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