Los Angeles Travel: Spring 2022 Coffee, Snacks & Drinks Guide

Roma Market, Pasadena

Published March 14, 2022, in my The Bold Italic (TBI) column:

My fall 2021 return to Los Angeles, the region I partly grew up in and spent over 12 years of my youth and, later, young adulthood living in was a busy one. I visited over 35 places, from cafes and coffee roasters, to restaurants and eateries — like pre-pandemic times. While the bar scene was clearly struggling on the service end even more than restaurants were, restaurants were coming back to life.

Here’s the good, the bad and the damn delicious (my Restaurant & Food Guide here):


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Big Bar inside Alcove Cafe’s Pandad Bod cocktail
Yuca’s Taco
Wolf & Crane highball
Dayglow Silver Lake
Coffee Memes, Silver Lake