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April 15, 2023

— Juniper & Starter Bakery: Two new bakeries already set to stand among the Bay’s best.
— Coho: In sleepy Mill Valley, a surprisingly quality land-to-sea newcomer.
— St. Louis Dining Guide: 13 Places to Eat & Drink Now.
— Staycation Palo Alto: A Spanish-themed hotel & two newer restaurants.
— DISTILLER Bottle Column: This issue I review rum, sherry, gin, non-alcoholic wines, Australian whiskies, soju, ciders, American single malt and vodka. Read more →

April 1, 2023

— March Eats Checklist: 5 Standouts of the Month,  from heartwarming Jamaican food to another worthy Italian seafood haven in North Beach
— SF’s New Copra: Coastal India vibes & relaxed, modern Indian cuisine from a chef who ran the U.S.’ only 2 Michelin Indian restaurant.
— Top Cocktail Bars in Seoul, South Korea: My Whisky Magazine bar guide.
— Anomaly SF: Hidden whimsical-molecular restaurant (formerly a beloved pop-up) opens on a sleepy residential block. Read more →

March 15, 2023

— New Chef with Stockholm & London Roots: Reborn Michelin-starred Sons & Daughters.
— Palm Springs Guide: 18 places to eat, drink & stay now.
— 30 Years at One Market & New Fine Dining Chef at Luce: Two longtimers with new life.
— DISTILLER Bottle Column: This month I review sour cherry aperitif, rum, gin, Scotch, tequila, Indian whisky, non-alcoholic wine, American single malt and RTDs (ready-to-drink/canned) cocktails.
— Top Cocktail Bars in Seoul, South Korea: My Whisky Magazine bar guide. Read more →

March 1, 2023

— Eating Raw Beef Off the Side of a Cow, Ancient Hot-Cold Cooking Techniques & More: Elevated Korean barbecue in Seoul.
— February Eats Checklist: 5 dining standouts of the month.
— Latin Vibes, Tunes, Cocktails & Food with Stunning SF Views: New rooftop bar, Cavaña.
— Boundary-Pushing Asian Food at Two Newcomers: Taiwanese-inspired Piglet & Co. & Chinese-Venezuelan Cantoo.
— Oklahoma City Rising: 12 Places to Dine Now. Read more →

February 15, 2023

— Anchovy Bar Reviewed: Tiny fish heaven… With vermouth, wine and sherry.
— Drink Pairing Inspiration from California’s Endless Produce & Grape-Growing AVAs: My interview with Lazy Bear beverage director Jacob Brown.
— Original Joe’s Westlake: Red sauce Italian legend south of SF in Daly City.
— January Eats Checklist: Four Standouts of the Month, from a nature-rich tribute to California’s majestic trees in edible form, to healthy, chic, nuanced at-home delivery food.
— DISTILLER Bottle Column: This month I review amaro, vermouth, tequila, gin, bourbon, non-alcoholic spirits, RTDs (ready-to-drink/canned) and cocktail mixers. Read more →

February 1, 2023

— Chic New Italian Cocktail & Food Haven Hidden in the FiDi: Bar Sprezzatura.
— January Eats Checklist: 5 Standouts of the Month, from a nature-rich tribute to California’s majestic trees in edible form, to old school American-Italian red sauce comfort, to healthy, chic, nuanced at-home delivery food.
— A Former Laundromat Turned Idyllic Neighborhood Hang: for Detroit pizza, sips & bagels.
— Top 10 Bars Vancouver, B.C.: My Distiller Magazine guide.
— Vancouver Interviews: I interview Satoshi Yonemori of Grapes & Soda and Alayne & Jason MacIsaac of Sheringham Distillery. Read more →

January 15, 2023

— Top 14 New Restaurants & 10 New Bars of 2022.
— 7 Top London Restaurants Now.
— Akikos: A world-class new era for a reborn, decades-old SF sushi favorite.
— Cavallo Point: A stone’s throw (yet world’s away) from SF retreat with two new restaurants.
— DISTILLER Bottle Column: I review Calvados, French aperitif, shochu, mezcal, tequila, gin, Japanese whiskys, non-alcoholic wines, bourbon and rye whiskies. Read more →

January 1, 2023

— December Eats Checklist: 7 standout restaurants & newcomers of the month.
— New Orleans Guide: 18 places to dine now.
— San Francisco’s Delfina: Reborn & as it was meant to be.
— 10-Year-Old Capo’s Makes Deep Dish To Top Chicago’s Best: And kills It with Detroit-style pizza, too.
— Lyon & Swan: New live entertainment supper club with quality food & drink.
— 15 Wines to Celebrate the Holidays: Vino to suit every palate. Read more →

New Orleans Guide: 18 Places to Dine Now

In 2022 I went to Nola twice a week at a time, to judge in Nola Spirits Competition and Tales of the Cocktail in the blistering, muggy heat of July, and back for a rousing Halloween week.

When it comes to restaurants — and bars (stay tuned for my updated Nola cocktail bar guide in 2023) — there are plenty of new places to love and pandemic survivors that are better than ever. Some restaurants are uneven, but each place here has standout dishes or elements. Journey with me through 18 New Orleans spots that have opened or greatly evolved since pandemic and what stands out (or doesn’t) at each: Read more →

December 1, 2022

— November Eats Checklist: 7 standout restaurants & newcomers of the month.
— Seoul Guide: Where to dine & stay in Korea’s capital city.
— Malaysian Buzz in Sleepy Outer Noe: The new Damansara.
— Rosemary & Pine: Playful neighborhood comfort from Michelin-starred team.
— Distiller Magazine Honolulu: Interview with Pint+Jigger and Harry’s Hardware Emporium bar manager Dave Newman. Read more →