October 15, 2018

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing which stands in the way… As a man is, so he sees.” — William Blake, The Portable William Blake

Kaiyo (under top new openings)

My favorite season unfolds with warm SF days and mild nights, anniversaries and visiting family. I am leading drink classes and tastings at companies and private parties. Walks in Golden Gate Park and returning to old favorite restaurant with those I love provide a welcome break from work.

In the meantime, I head up to neighboring Sonoma County for a quick overnight, then on to Bogota, Columbia, for Worlds 50 Best Restaurants’ Latin America awards. It will be my first time in Columbia, exploring dishes from great chefs across Central and South America as well as locally…


Palomar in Portland (under Imbiber)

This issue:
The LatestMy cover story on Daniel Patterson and the international team of chefs he’s brought on plus new restaurant and bar reviews, chef and bar manager interviews and more in the latest print issue of Time Out.
The LatestTop New Restaurant Openings of the Month: Talking about a gourmet comfort diner and bakery, nikkei (aka Peruvian Japanese food) and two new escapes to Italy.
Imbiber11 Top National Cocktails On Menus Now: Exploring creative menus in Austin, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Louisville, Miami, Portland/PDX, DC and Houston.
Around the Bay7 Exceptional Neighborhood Markets in San Francisco & Oakland: Some of our best gourmet markets/grocers for thoughtful selections of everything from wine to ice cream.


As your personal concierge who tells it like a good friend would, I create personalized itineraries; provide food and drink consulting for restaurants and bars; and classes at companies for the layperson wanting to dig deeper in food and drink (more info here).

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