I am available for consulting appointments via phone or in person re: the best in food and drink, restaurant/bar/drink concepts and menus, social media, trends in restaurants, bars, food, cocktails, craft distilling, all categories of spirits, beer, wine, and more.

Each year, I travel to over 20 cities and countries around the world and regularly visit cities like NY, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, with on-the-ground information on trends, strengths and weaknesses in dining, food, drink, distilling, beer and wine scenes globally, nationally and regionally. I can speak intimately to San Francisco, Wine Country and Northern California trends. I have visited countless distilleries, wineries and breweries around the world, sampling finished products alongside liquid in varied stages of production or aging.

Please email virginia[at] for consulting requests/needs, priced per hour or per project.

Personalized Itineraries
or Meal/Drink Recommendations

Researching and visiting over 600 restaurants a year, both in the Bay Area and around the globe, plus wineries, distilleries, breweries and craft cocktail bars, alongside my years of expertise and research as a restaurant critic, food/cocktail/spirits/wine/travel writer and editor, means I can provide you unique, insider recommends,  as focused on certain cuisines or cities as you wish.

If you’re a hardcore foodie and or drink aficionado who wants recommendations from someone who literally eats, sleeps and breathes food and drink in an endless quest for the best and the authentic, I can provide recommendations that even many locals don’t know about or help you sift through the popular/hot restaurants and cocktail bars of the moment for what is overhyped and what is worth your time.

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