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My New Orleans Dining Guide

Red’s Chinese Of course, my tips are heavy on dining, food, bars and drink, with just 15 of my newer New Orleans recommends here (over a decade’s worth of my Nola recommends from hundreds of food and drink spots visited here). On the food side, I recommend coffee and ice cream at Drip Affogato, dining at Bywater American Bistro, Seaworthy,… Read more →

The New New Orleans

In my first feature at Montecristo Magazine, I cover my beloved New Orleans. I write about restaurants adding to its layers with cuisines previously rarely seen in the city as well as restaurants/chefs pushing the boundaries with modern Southern, Cajun or Creole, beautifully co-existing alongside the traditional. — Sac-a-Lait, Seaworthy, Angeline, Meauxbar, Saffron NOLA, Root, Shaya, Red’s Chinese, Marjie’s, Tito’s… Read more →