February 15, 2011

“… some wines and beers and spirits are among the most finely crafted foods there are, the best that the world and care have to offer. Their flavor can be so rich, balanced, dynamic, and persistent that they touch the mind not with release from the world, but with a heightened attentiveness and connection to it.” – Harold McGee, “On Food & Cooking”

Beef tournedos topped w/ foie gras at Bistro Central Parc (see www.sfbg.com/2011/02/07/appetite-tale-two-french-bistros)

Winter rushes on with mostly 70 degree days here in SF… finally getting our first steady rain this week. I’ve been re-living my Mexico trip through my article and photos on tequila distilleries in the January issue of 944 Magazine.

I always list my latest SF Bay Guardian column posts at the end of each letter – I noticed last week’s column on uni got a number of responses, including a Grubstreet mention.  It seems people have a real love/hate relationship with sea urchin. I was a hater myself – it took years of forcing myself to eat it before I finally converted.

The Latest is photo highlights of my return to what has rapidly become one of our city’s best restaurants, Commonwealth. Imbiber targets inventive cocktails around town and wine stand-outs.

Top Tastes eats Campari grapefruit donuts, ceviches, meatballs, Afghani ravioli. Around the Bay, part one dines in San Mateo and Oakland, part two visits a Napa farm and vineyard.

I’d love your feedback on any spots visited from my site. As your personal concierge who tells it to you like a good friend would, I also create personalized itineraries: trips, meals, explorations (under “Services“).
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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**