June 1, 2013

in thy fingertips and in thy
hair’s rising; hunger
be thine…
Breathe deep of
evening, be with the
rivers of tumult, sharpen
thy wits to know power and be humble.”
– Denise Levertov, Three Meditations (from Poems 1960-1967)

Chorizo, lime crema, and grasshopper-topped egg at La Urbana preview

Grasshopper-topped egg at a new Mexican restaurant opening this summer (see “The Latest”)


Back from three months of amazing, exhausting, back-to-back press trips (Denver, Breckenridge, Peru, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York), I’ve got a thousand stories, places and tastes to share with you, yet am slowly (but surely) beginning to catch up.

This issue:
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The LatestSummer’s Most Anticipated Openings: Two San Francisco Summer openings I’m most excited about, with unique food and drink menus.
The LatestBaked… Good: Two of 2013’s best bakery openings to date.
ImbiberNew Spirits: A new Barbados rum and two NY vermouths.
Around the BayRoadhouse Perfection in West Marin: The best roadhouse stop for drinks and food in West Marin.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**