Why San Francisco is the U.S.’ best food city

Published February 7, 2024, in my Medium column:

San Francisco has long been rife with world’s best cocktail bars: it was one of three cities, alongside New York and New Orleans, that introduced the world to cocktails in the 1800s, after all. Then SF and NYC led the cocktail renaissance of the past three decades. But as one of the world’s best food cities, many of these bars also serve killer food. While bars like True Laurel and The Snug are shining examples of this combo, there’s a recent wave of new bars where food and drink shine together, but the vibe is fully bar vs. restaurant. Three of the most interesting newcomers? Stoa, Movida and Bar Gemini.

ARTICLE: https://medium.com/@virginiamiller_29308/why-san-francisco-is-the-u-s-best-food-city-807bcfaf6167

Sorrel’s sunchokes kombu custard under a kombu pink peppercorn chip with sturgeon caviar.