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Bar Spotlight on Jeremy Allen of MiniBar, Hollywood

The latest in my NEFT Vodka column, which spotlights California’s best bartenders and bars — including a special cocktail recipe from each bartender featuring this Austrian alpine-distilled vodka. Why Jeremy Allen’s welcoming crew at the unassuming MiniBar (hidden in a Hollywood Best Western, no less!) draws in musicians and music industry with its retro-yet-modern vibe and beautifully-crafted cocktails here. Other NEFT Spotlights:… Read more →

Europe’s Biggest Cocktail Convention in NYC: Bar Convent Brooklyn in its Second Year

This is the only category brought on by solely external reasons, like switching itineraries, sleeping routine variations, and time zone shifts. People feel wonders after the prolonged use of donssite.com buy viagra cheapest this magical pill. In fact, the LCD wiring and donssite.com tadalafil tab the internal glass is protected by an extremely thin piece of tin. Aim to take… Read more →