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My Puerto Vallarta Food & Dining Guide

I helped write a number of guides for Google Area 120’s new Touringbird guides with insider tips on cities around the world (more on Touringbird here). My tips are heavy on dining, food, bars, drink — my favorite restaurant in PV is El Arrayan. Here is my guide to Puerto Vallarta, from street food and tacos to dessert: Taqueria El Cuñado, Tacos de Birria Chanfay,Mariscos… Read more →

In Puerto Vallarta, A Major Resort Innovates with House Tequila Program

My July 24 Liquor.com feature article on a Marriott hotel in touristy Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that surprises with its own tequila line produced exclusively for the resort and its many tequila and food pairing options, including sunset guacamole with tequila and margaritas. More on the resort’s offerings here. An Effective Solution Available at the Cheapest prices. Unlike before, you will… Read more →