On the Town

10/3 CUESA Sunday Supper Reception

Ryan Farr & other meat mavens grill animals outside the Ferry Building

A fundraiser for CUESA‘s many endeavors is a pleasurable cause, especially when a slew of our best chefs and mixologists line the Ferry Building hall for a Sunday Supper reception. The reception included 30 bites, 5 cocktails and a mix of wines, then a move upstairs for a magical dinner under white lights with whole animals carved tableside that were just roasted outside. I only attended the reception but wanted to share a few highlights via photos…

Greg Lindgren of Rye served a Daisy Cutter w/ Charbay tequila, watermelon, lime, peppercorn syrup

Deepak Paul of Serpentine's Beef Heart Pastrami on rye toast w/ apple fennel slaw

H. of Elixir (& Square One's Brand Ambassador) serves Pear of Roses w/ Square One Botanical, Meyer lemon, rosemary, pear juice, lavender syrup

Duggan McDonnell of Cantina & Robert E. Gonzales serve Campo Santo: Campo de Encanto Pisco, Bianco vermouth, basil, lemon, seltzer

Phil West of Range's Pear Butter with fromage blanc & walnuts

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Magical setting of supper portion upstairs

A warm October night, midnight blue sky & grilling on the Bay

Roasting and grilling streetside