April 1, 2014

“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”
? Annie Dillard, The Living

Spain's Ribeira Sacra wine region (see Wandering Traveler)

Spain’s Ribeira Sacra wine region (see Wandering Traveler)

This issue finds me in Seattle, moderating a panel on Women in Distilling at ADI’s Craft Spirits Conference, attended by over 1000 industry folk, with a gala dinner last night announcing craft spirits medal winners from the judging I was part of in February (also held in Seattle). In writing news: I’ve helped write Zagat guides, but I just wrote my first article and slide show for Zagat on a fantastic new spot, Trou Normand.

This issue:

The new Lolo (see The Latest)

The new Lolo (see The Latest)

The Latest3 Reasons To Check Out the New Lolo: One of the Mission’s long underrated gems gets a new home and new life.
ImbiberWhy You Should Hunt Down Real Schnaps: Drink lovers are missing out on the real deal. Exploring exciting producers in Austria, plus where to find quality schnaps & cocktails in the US.
Wandering TravelerThe Spain You’ve Never Met: Exploring the brilliant seafood and drink of Spain’s northwest Galicia, a region that feels as much like Ireland as Spain.
ImbiberWhite Spring: Alsace varietals (and more) in Mendocino County – and a few other Alsace-influenced wines from the West Coast.
Around the BayCarmel Weekend: A romantic hotel in the center of town with a Michelin-starred restaurant.
ImbiberImbiber: St. George Spirits lovely new Nola coffee liqueur.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**

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