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Best Restaurants of 2014: In SF, the US & the World

Another year, another 600+ restaurants (YES, this is my annual average). Though I didn’t repeat the marathon travel of 2013 (over 25 cities in 10 different countries!), this year was still packed, taking me from Japan and Hong Kong, back to “regulars” like NYC and New Orleans. 2014 was rife with revelatory flavors, regional dish discoveries, memorable newcomers and wonderfully… Read more →

Sausalito & Tiburon: Sushi, Sake, Burgers, French & Italian with a View

Suburbs, nature, charming main streets… family-heavy Marin has always had a few culinary gems. But a spare few of them though sandwiched between one of the great food cities of the world and the gustatory pleasures of Napa and Sonoma. Bakeries like Beth’s Community Kitchen in Mill Valley are reminiscent of San Francisco bakeries (what is now standard Bay Area),… Read more →