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September Eats Checklist: 6 Standouts of the Month

Though I’ve eaten everywhere this month from Adriano Paganini/Back of the House group’s latest, Rad Radish, to the new Arepas Latin Cuisine and Fiddle Fig Cafe in North Beach, these six newcomers (or new menus) stood out in September, covering the gamut, from Brittany-style French crêpes to NY slice pizza. Alongside this month’s full restaurant reviews, I share what’s worth tasting at each, with last month’s standouts here (as always, I’ve vetted, visited and/or ordered from each place reviewed): Read more →

Tasting Menu Or Not to Tasting Menu?

Crudo at Madcap in San Anselmo After the invention of Sildenafil citrate, cheapest viagra in australia supplementprofessors.com bought it as patent and it is brought in the market for mass consumption. It offers viagra buy usa quick recovery from injuries and improves lubrication to enjoy enhanced lovemaking with your female. There are people who have made it to black belt… Read more →