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9 Top Oakland Restaurants

In my latest Time Out column: talking 9 of Oakland’s best places to eat now. Article here. While some media have dubbed Oakland “the Brooklyn of the West” the last few years, Oakland has been a hotbed of deep cuisines and cultures — and of artistic innovation — well before Brooklyn faced its hipster renaissance of the past decade. Oakland’s rich… Read more →

5 Top Dishes of the Month

In my latest Time Out column, I cover these 5 top dishes of the month — article here: Funky Monkey banana bread at Fiorella Alba Ray’s shrimp remoulade toast Dum Indian Soul Food’s tandoori fried chicken Frozen lemon souffle at Sutro’s at the Cliff House Kimchi burger at Gott’s Roadside In reality, erectile dysfunction jokes can be insensitive and inappropriate even… Read more →