May 15, 2011

“Light the first light of evening, as in a room/ In which we rest and, for small reason, think/ The world imagined is the ultimate good.” – Wallace Stevens, “Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour”

Spring rushes on with numerous Napa and Sonoma weekends, family visits, the occasional quick rainshower, and the smell of blossoms in the air.

Top Tastes re-visits Lolo, Hog & Rocks, and Bun Mee. In the Latest, I’m surprisingly satisfied by vegetarian at the new Source in Potrero Hill.

Wandering Traveler covers the stunning beauty that is Kauai in the first of a two-part break down of highlights on Hawaii’s dreamiest island.

Imbiber sips three under-the-radar, all-American whiskies you should know about, a fine tequila line, and cocktails at the new Locanda.

Around the Bay dines on steak and sips garden-fresh cocktails in Sonoma.

On the Town covers highlights of Sonoma County’s Passport to Dry Creek weekend in three categories: food, wine, ambiance.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**