November 1, 2011

“How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” – Julia Child

Gorgeous Irish coastline along Ring of Kerry (see Wandering Traveler)

Freshly back from Scotland, I am in the midst of glorious October weather. San Francisco’s pristine blue skies and waters and its glowing white skyline are illuminated in 70 degree sunny days… the best time of year.

Imbiber considers wine from a few angles: contemplating “grand cru” terroir in Napa with a panel of To Kalon winemakers, a new book on affordable global wines, SF’s newest city-produced wine, and wine bar tastings for November.

Wandering Traveler continues my Irish adventures in County Cork, which has been likened to California in its pursuit of local foods and farm fresh ingredients.

Verve Coffee's latest outpost in Santa Cruz

Dessert is sweet in Top Tastes: Elizabeth Falkner’s newest is an ice cream parlor with liquid nitrogen ice cream (sourdough sundaes, anyone?) and soda fountain treats.

I spend a laid back weekend in Santa Cruz moving from coffee to ice cream to Tyrolean food in Around the Bay.
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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**