April 1, 2013

“Cultures with richer vocabularies are more fully human… individual men and women are more fully human when their memories are stocked with verses.” – Richard Rorty

Franks ‘N Dawgs in Chicago (see “Wandering Traveler”)

In the midst of the wildest back-to-back press trip schedule yet (Denver, Breckenridge, Peru, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Brussels, Amsterdam), I catch up on many recent food and drink highlights around SF, return to Chicago and savor the world’s most expensive rum.

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This issue:

The best $6 burger in the Bay (see “Top Tastes”)

Top TastesTwo of the Bay’s Best Burgers Under $10: What new locale boasts the best $6 burger (and fab tacos) in SF? And if you have not been, make a beeline to Alameda for one of the best burgers anywhere.

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ImbiberEat/Drink: Four notable food and drink pairings… edible and quaffable dessert, fennel intensity, squid ink with spicy rum, grilled cheese and spiced cocktails.

Wandering TravelerChicago Cocktails and Wandering Traveler Chicago Dining: My fourth visit to the Windy City (and second in a year) means – no surprise – many more fine tastes in food and drink.

Cocktails & dining at Cotogna (see “Imbiber”)

ImbiberThe Most Expensive Thing I Ever Drank: It’s been whisky and Cognac in the past… now add the world’s most expensive rum to a list of fascinating tastes.

The LatestThree for Spring: The best jambalaya in the West, and two seafood dishes for spring at two new Mission restaurants.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**