September 1, 2013

“California has always been as much of a state of mind as a state of the Union… California promises something more: transformation. The state is the repository of America’s frontier spirit, the notion that a better life is possible for anyone who wants it regardless of the circumstances of her birth. You can leave your past at the border and reinvent yourself here.”
– Peggy Orenstein, “The Coast of Dystopia,” New York Times, 1-15-10

British meets SF at The Cavalier (see "Featured Neighborhood")

British meets SF at The Cavalier (see “Featured Neighborhood”)

Waning days of summer give way to my favorite season, fall, with its invigorating air, colors, and promise of rebirth after a seemingly cold, dying winter.

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This issue:

Featured NeighborhoodUnion Square: Five eat/drink destinations within a few blocks of the Square.
ImbiberGenepi: Have you met the next cult liqueur that is in the family of Chartreuse and absinthe?

Génépi: the Next Cult Liqueur? (see "Imbiber")

Génépi: the next cult liqueur? (see “Imbiber”)

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Top TastesParallel 37: Fine dining brilliance on Nob Hill by chefs with pedigree reaching from Charlie Trotter’s to El Bulli.
Top TastesMore Than Just a Sandwich: 3 restaurants offering notable sandwiches… and much more.
BibliophileBest Drink Books of 2013: From a US wine compendium to experimental lab cocktails, the best drink books of the year.

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