December 15, 2013

“[There were] orange groves – hundreds of miles of them, alternating with avocados, pears, persimmons, walnuts, peaches, cotton and fields of lettuce and artichokes as large as English ducal estates… Then of course there’s the sea coast – barren in the southern part of the state where the land is almost a desert… green further north, where you can have bits of country like Devonshire, and then the really fabulous spectacle of San Francisco.” Aldous Huxley on arriving in US/California for the first time

Enchanting Bruges (see Wandering Traveler)

Enchanting Bruges (see Wandering Traveler)

It’s crab season in San Francisco and I’m devouring sweet, fresh crabs with loaves of sourdough and bottles of Gruner at home, savoring time with friends, dressing up for holiday parties, staying in with good books by the fire. Here’s to winter rituals and coziness… I’m wishing peaceful holidays to each of you.

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This issue:

Gorgeous visually & to taste: beef tartare with Thai influences at 1760 (see The Latest)

Beef tartare with Thai influences at 1760 (see The Latest)

The LatestWhy We Need 1760: The new 1760 is a win for SF with produce-driven cocktails, Euro-heavy wine list, East-meets-West food.
Imbiber  – Dogpatch’s New Cocktail & Jerky Bar: Cocktail (and jerky) highlights at brand new Third Rail.
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Top TastesFive Best Dishes Now: From breakfast to dessert, waffles to ice cream cookies, curries to chicken and waffle sandwiches, here are five dishes to cross town for.
Wandering TravelerIn Bruges: Drinking beer with mussels and frites in Belgium’s most romantic city.

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