April 2008

“Reviewing has never struck me as having much to do with assigning scores or handing out demerits.  The reviewer’s job – and pleasure – is akin to any reader’s. It is the pleasure of talk.  If nobody talks about books [or the suject of review], if they are not discussed or somehow contended with, literature ceases to be a conversation, ceases to be dynamic.” –  Patricia Hampl, “I Could Tell You Stories”


Gorgeous sunny days with pristine blue sky, people dot the lush green of Dolores Park, smells from neighbors’ BBQs waft through my window. Spring is here…

My Top Tastes of the month:

  • Perfect Meyer Lemon Gelato Pie in a Graham Cracker crust with white vinegar sauce drizzled atop it at Hollywood’s latest hot spot, Pizzeria Mozza
  • Crawfish Beignets at Brenda’s French Soul Food – I keep coming back for more!
  • Ham & Caramelized Onion Pizza at The Pizza Place on Noriega
  • Crab Momos with Tomato Cilantro Chutney at Metro Kathmandu
  • Cherry or Strawberry Cheese Rolls at Russian Cinderella’s Bakery

This month in Featured Neighborhood, we’ll visit two of San Francisco’s hidden gems in Portola. I share favorite dishes at the Mission’s newest Latino fusion, Lolo, in The Latest. Through Wandering Traveler, load up on beef in Oklahoma City.

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