May 2009

“When it comes to food, sounds, too, can be aphrodisiac… the hissing sound of an onion browning in oil, the syncopated rhythm of a knife mincing vegetables, the burble of the boiling pot into which unfortunate shellfish will fall in an instant, the crrrack of of nuts being shelled, the patient song of the mortar grinding seeds; the liquid notes of wine being decanted into goblets, the chink of silver, crystal and china on the table, the melodious murmur of after-dinner conversation, the satisfied sighs and the nearly imperceptible guttering of candles lighting the dining room…” – “Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses”, Isabel Allende

April has been an amazing month and there is much to share… I may send out another newsletter in two weeks because I can’t contain it all in this one!


Have five food/drink/travel-loving friends sign up for The Perfect Spot newsletter, and I’ll give you free “The Perfect Meal” recommendations for a meal based on your request (e.g. exploring a new neighborhood, date night, eating Vietnamese, German, etc…) In Wandering Traveler, I regularly cover places all over, so let foodie-travel-adventurer friends beyond the Bay Area know, too.

Every month, I share Top Tastes, favorite new dishes, drinks and bites from my culinary explorations. Take a look at Oakland’s Marzano in Around the Bay. Favorite events I hit this month, in Happenings, include Meatpaper’s Pig Party and Ministry of Rum. And… back in Los Angeles again for Wandering Traveler.
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I’d love your feedback on any spots visited from my site. As your Bay Area concierge, I create personalized itineraries for you or your friends: trips, meals, explorations (check out “Services“).

Let me guide you to the perfect spot!


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