February 1, 2010

“I just want to drink the day’s loveliness in… I feel as if she were holding it out to my lips like a cup of airy wine and I’ll take a sip at every step.” – L.M. Montgomery, “Anne of Avonlea”

At Science of Cocktails: an SFPC (SF Pousse-Cafe), layered St. George Absinthe, coffee liqueur, maraschino liqueur, grenadine, salt - Tim Zohn, Alembic

At Science of Cocktails: an SFPC (SF Pousse-Cafe), layered St. George Absinthe, coffee and maraschino liqueurs, grenadine, salt - created by Tim Zohn, Alembic

February… how did you arrive so swiftly? It has already been a rich start to the year and decade.

Doug cocktail alchemy at Science of Cocktails

Doug Williams' cocktail alchemy at Science of Cocktails

There’s a range of beauties in Top Tastes, and more (including some exciting events) in Imbiber. Happenings covers a lot of additional finds from the massive Fancy Food Show.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**

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