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Whiskies of the World 2012; NY Gin & the World’s Most Expensive Gin

WHISKIES of the WORLD Tastes A better than ever year aboard the SF Belle at Whiskies of the World means some fine, global pours of whisk(e)y from Scotland to Australia. On the fun and interesting tip, Lark Distillery distills single malt whisky in Tasmania, an Australian island – and it’s surprisingly solid. Distilled in copper pot stills, it’s smooth with a… Read more →

Whiskies of the World 2011

There’s always fine pours to be had at the (12th) annual Whiskies of the World (a.k.a. WoW) — held March 26th — particularly from smaller distilleries. Bourbon, rye, scotch, Japanese and Irish whiskies all flow freely. As I said in my coverage last year when it was held at Hotel Nikko, the downside was tight, body-to-body crowds. This year, that… Read more →

February 1, 2021


—January’s Top 10 SF Restaurants For Takeout-And Maybe Dine At: As it should be (should never have left), outdoor dining is back but my 10 restaurant recommends of the month also are all available via takeout and delivery, including standouts in American Italian, modern Vietnamese, new American, sushi, seafood, Chinese and Modern Hawaiian cuisines, as well as coffee and chocolate.
— Distiller Magazine Bottle Column: This month I review mezcal, barrel aged gins, tequila, fruit cordials, American whiskey, gin, Irish whiskey, bourbon.
— Fruit & Fire, My Distiller Mag Interview: Two women, a Napa winemaker & Kentucky distiller, pioneer with smoke-tainted grapes, turning tragedy into a potentially new spirits category: smoked brandies.

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