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Travels in Chengdu, China: Why Sichuan Cuisine Is Widely Misunderstood

When you hear the word Szechuan (aka Sichuan), most think of mind-numbing heat and red chile oil. While both are certainly a staple, what many consider China’s most complex cuisine —and therefore one of the most complicated in the world— Sichuan merely begins at spicy. This is a cuisine where key flavors start at 24. Yes, there are at least… Read more →

Unusual Fine Dining: 5 Unique Food Experiences

Gibson’s fish heads & bones drying over open flame They run the gamut from the back of an SF cafe/wine shop offering dinners around themes involving custom plateware, to a single seating communal table for upscale Korean food in Palo Alto. Article here: www.wheretraveler.com/san-francisco/eat/unusual-fine-dining-1 These five unique Bay Area restaurants offer an unusual fine dining experience, whether in whimsical-yet-decadent menus,… Read more →

Interviewing Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu’s & Talking SF Chinatown — at KCET Los Angeles

Published November 28, 2018, in conjunction with a TV episode on the same subject, my article for KCET in Los Angeles on San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, legend Cecilia Chang, Mister Jiu’s and chef Brandon Jew, China Live, The Wok Shop, America’s first Chinatown’s past, present and future: www.kcet.org/shows/the-migrant-kitchen/the-ever-shifting-future-and-flavor-of-san-franciscos-chinatown Read more →